I am a very enthusiastic Mexican and an excellence promoter, in whatever I undertake. My life is mainly about human values, sport and a having a healthful life. What fascinates me the most is any sort of extreme-distance sport, but Ultraman triathlon is what I am really passionate about.

My intention in life is to be happy and to inspire others to give the best from themselves, such as in: sports, family, studies, work or just daily life.

I am convinced that life is to be enjoyed. Constantly, I challenge myself to leave my comfort zone, which allows me to discover extraordinary human beings that surround me and magical things every day.

I have discovered that strength-resistance sports, known as endurance sports, help people to develop a great connection between their body, mind and spirit to gain what at first sight seemed to be unattainable. It is for that reason that endurance is a very rooted concept to my personality. I follow it without worrying about next step: sometimes quicker, sometimes slower, but always making progress, always moving forward.

I had enough of the very traditional phrase “you can do it", I think that it is paternalist, negative and bearable. I prefer my own philosophy, which I have been developing throughout my life: #CAN. I translate it or explain it as “power”. Power exists inside me in order to transform, to do, to execute. It is a power that depends exclusively of me and allow me to aim high. Everybody should discover their own power to develop their own #CAN philosophy, in order to really make use of their full potential.

#CAN means to act and has three principles:

C = Channel your energy → be positive
A = Awake your flame → be Passionate
N = Navigate your way → be happy

I firmly believe in a #PositiveMexico. I decided to adopt Mexico as my engine, my banner. Mexico does not only involve my family, friends and acquaintances, but it involves all of us: the good ones and the not so good ones. This allows me to go beyond my closest social circle, with the only objective that my actions have an effect on the community, with positive mentality in order to generate common well-being and a #PositiveMexico.

I have a lot of dreams and furthermore I have determination to turn these dreams into objectives and then to achieve forceful results. There is no formula or secret recipe for life, nevertheless I have found that a mentality of endurance, a #CAN attitude and to contribute to obtain a #PositiveMexico allow me to continue making what I love and overcome all obstacles that appear in the way.

If you asked me for a piece of advice, it would simply say: Remain opened to learning, listen, get surrounded of valuable human beings and that join your dreams and objectives. Aim high, work intelligently and be patient: and you will achieve whatever you have decided.

Life is team work, it would be childish to believe that the results were earned by your own merits.




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